Tandheelkundig Centrum Steenbergen

Tandheelkundig Centrum Steenbergen


With us, you get the best specialty care for the rates set by law.

These rates are available to everyone through the following link of the Dutch Healthcare Authority: Dental Care Performance and Rate Decision..

To the right, you can contact us if you would like to receive the material and technique costs.

Expected costs

To get a good understanding of the expected costs, you can always request an estimate of the treatment. The practitioner will then provide you with a summary of the various fee codes and associated fees. If you are interested in more information about reimbursements from your health insurance company, please also ask your practitioner directly. We are happy to help you get the best possible idea of the costs.

Explanation of our invoice

1. Dental codes always consist of a letter combined with a number. The letter indicates the subject, the number the specific treatment.

2. Each tooth or molar has its own number. So on the bill you can also read which tooth or molar is involved. All numbers starting with a 1 or 2 refer to teeth in the upper jaw, starting with a 3 and 4 refer to the lower jaw.

3. The rates a dentist may charge for treatment are set by the government. However, the rates for materials used in treatment are not fixed and are listed separately on the bill.

The practice may only charge for the actual costs incurred for materials and technology. If there are any such costs, they will be listed separately on the invoice.

We like to hear when you are satisfied, but more important for us is to know where improvement is possible. We are happy to talk to you.


In our practice, we have outsourced the sending and collection of bills to Infomedics. If you have supplementary insurance, they will send the bill first to your health insurance company and you will only receive an invoice for the remaining amount that is not covered by your health insurance company.

You will receive an invoice by email with a payment link. This email will also contain an invoice number and a login code if applicable. If you log in to www.infomedics.nl with those credentials, you can view your invoice.

You can then pay by iDeal, by one-time direct debit or by internet banking. If you are logged on to infomedics.nl you can also turn off digital billing if you prefer to receive an invoice by mail. If you are not yet receiving a digital invoice, but are interested in doing so, please provide your email address. We will then ensure that you receive your invoice via that email address from now on.

Exception situation: you must pay the invoice at the emergency service by pin or cash at all times.