Tandheelkundig Centrum Steenbergen

Tandheelkundig Centrum Steenbergen

Our oral care is accessible

Because of covid-19, we have taken extra measures to work safely for patient and provider:

  • specific health screening
  • hand disinfection on entry
  • 1.5 meter distance
  • mandatory mouth mask
  • additional mouth rinses in case of treatment

The Dutch Guide to Oral Care Covid-19 was prepared by experts from the Association of Dutch Dentists (ANT). If you would like more information you can request it here.

We support and respect the decisions of our government.

What do the adjustments mean to you?

The above measures apply. Come to the practice alone. If you cannot attend without a chaperone or if you are accompanying a child, we may allow pairs. There is a smaller number of chairs in the waiting area. The practice has been organized where possible to allow for the 1.5-meter distance. The cleaning corner is closed. Please call us if you are not sure you can comply.